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Dinosaurs, DinosImagination Station's Temporary Exhibition

Dinosaurs Around The World

Opens May 27!

Limited Engagement

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Big Kids: $9.50*
Seniors: $8.50*
Kids: $7.50*
Groups: $6 per person*

Become a globe trotting explorer on this one-of-a kind adventure and discover the amazing diversity of prehistoric monsters during the Age of the Dinosaurs from the fierce plains of Africa to the tropical beaches of Antarctica.

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Dinosaurs, Dino

Experience dinosaurs like never before with 13 full-scale dinosaurs including enormous long-necked herbivores, the mighty T. rex and feathered Velociraptor.

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Dinosaurs, Dinos

Explore some of the world's oldest creatures by channeling your inner paleontologist and excavate real fossils, sculpt your own dinosaur bone and more!

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Dinosaurs, Dinos

Educators: Your students will be transformed into explorers and learn about the characteristics, behaviors, lives and extinction of the world’s oldest creatures.
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