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A Design and Engineering Opportunity for 4th Grade Classrooms in Lucas County

What is an Imagination Station Brush Bot?
A Brush Bot is a motorized creation that zigs and zags as it vibrates across a flat surface. At Imagination Station, we believe hands-on, inquiry-based activities like Brush Bots provide the greatest opportunity for learning. Plus, Brush Bots involve simple, inexpensive materials and are easily replicable. 

Why will my students love this?
What better reward for your students’ hard work than a little critter that can vibrate and dance across the table? This activity is designed to introduce a small amount of struggle (wiring a circuit can take some trial and error) which creates a memorable learning experience when their critter finally moves.

Why will I love this?
The activity directly addresses content appropriate for fourth grade students, according to the Ohio Revised Learning Standards. These include:  

1. Electric circuits require a complete loop of conducting materials through which an electrical energy can be transferred.

2. Electrical energy in circuits can be transformed to other forms of energy, including light, heat, sound and motion.

In addition to addressing specific content standards, this activity promotes a variety of 21st-century skills including problem-solving, creativity, team work and perseverance.

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Be sure to share your class's learning experience by tagging your photos using #LucasCountyTinkers. After your class has finished creating the Brush Bots, please take a few minutes to compete this survey. You will be entered to win a $100 Kroger gift card. In addition, Imagination Station wants to be able to provide opportunities like this for years to come so we need feedback to give you the best programming possible (and to keep our funders happy!).

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Let's get started!

Jitter Critter Materials

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Get building! Basic instructions on how to create a Brush Bot.

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