Swinging Girl


A "goosebump" moment is a discovery that inspires you to learn more!

Educators and parents know that some of the best learning doesn't always fit inside a classroom. So they count on Imagination Station to make science relevant, exciting and understandable for their children.

We're counting on you to make sure we have the resources we need!

  • With your gift, we can continue to provide field trips to schools and bring their students to the science center or host a workshop in their classroom. 

  • With your gift, we can introduce girls to women who are living proof that they can be engineers or computer programmers or nuclear scientists.  

  • With your gift,  we can continue to make Imagination Station affordable and accessible for all families and for all children to experience that goosebumps moment. 

You can help light the spark for a child who has only just learned that the world is a wondrous place and there are so many questions to be answered!


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