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Field Trips

Instead of spending the day at Imagination Station, this program allows us to bring teh science center to you and your students. Your program kicks off with a video detailing the science behind some of our favorite exhibits. Then, your class will connect with an Extreme Scientist for engaging demonstrations and rich science content, including a Q&A session. 

Each field trip topic is selected to address science standards for specific grade levels. 

As a bonus we provide curriculum for one extension activity you can do in your classroom later to reinforce the topics covered by our extreme scientists. 

 Cost: $125 per classroom

2020 Virtual Field Trips

Kindergarten - Weather 

Your little scientists will tune in to see a cloud formed right before their eyes. Our Extreme Scientist will inspire them by using liquid nitrogen to demonstrate how exciting weather can be. 

Grade 1 - Making Matter

Solids… liquids… gasses… plasmas! Matter makes up our entire universe. Understanding the different states of matter and how they change will give your students inspiration to pursue science even further. 

Grade 2 - Forces and Motion

Forces are acting on us all the time. From gravity to friction, our world would be very different if we didn’t understand these fundamental forces at play. Whether a student wants to be a rocket scientist or figure skater, it’s important to understand the science behind the way we move. 

Grade 3 - Energy 

From musicals to lightning strikes everything requires energy. This demonstration will showcase just how fundamental and exciting energy can be to study. You’ll be surprised at how engaged your students are in the topics of; heat, sound and electricity. 

Grade 4 - Fossils

Are your students fascinated by dinosaurs ...who isn’t? Let them explore Imagination Station’s collection of fossils to inspire them to study the organisms of the past, including Tyrannosaurus Rex bones and gigantic footprints. Your students won’t forget this demonstration. 

Grade 5 - Forces and Motion 

The world around us is full of motion, from gusts of winds to the blood moving through our bodies.  In order for something to move, it requires force.  Forces and motion are some of the most important things in our lives.  Explore the relationships between forces, mass and speed that influence the way we move.



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Reservation Requirements*

  • Groups must consist of at least 15 paying visitors, certified teachers excluded.
  • All groups must register at least two weeks before your trip.
  • Groups must meet the required 7:1 ratio of children to adult chaperones. Chaperones must be 18 years or older and no longer in high school. If the required ratio is not met on the day of your visit, you will be charged a $10 per chaperone shortage fee.
  • After making your reservation, you will receive a tentative invoice via email. Either a 10% deposit or a signed purchase order for the full amount is required to lock and hold your date in our system. Please provide our payment policy along with your invoice when submitting to your finance department. Final payment is due upon check in. It must be in the form of check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).
  • If anyone in your group is using their Imagination Station membership, we must be provided with the name on the membership card along with their membership number at least two weeks before your trip. Also, you will need to specify how many children and/or adults will be using each membership.
  • Reserved groups may bring brown-bagged lunches. Your confirmation packet will provide you with your scheduled 25 minute lunch time. This packet will be mailed no later than two weeks before your scheduled trip.

The Gizmo Pledge

Imagination Station asks all groups to know their schedule of activities and understand the following guidelines:

1. Children (up to and including grade 12) must stay with their assigned chaperones at all times. 

2. Imagination Station is a gum- and smoke-free facility. 

3. Group members must observe the Imagination Station speed limit of 3mph.

4. Please walk. 
Please enjoy your food in the Atomic Café or the designated location. Please no food or beverages on the exhibition floor.