Swinging Girl


Grades K-5

Check out this ‘Out of This World’ experience for your students!

With the help of our portable planetarium, the STARLAB®, this workshop is designed to introduce students to some of the characteristics of the known planets in the solar system and how to spot star-like planets in the night sky using clues such as twinkling and colors. Your students will also discover why we see different phases of the moon.

Your school provides:

  • A room large enough to accommodate the STARLAB®, which is 16 ft in diameter and 11 ft in height. (A gymnasium works best.)
  • One adult to be present with the facilitator at all times in the STARLAB®

Book the STARLAB®


  • $325 for one hour of programming

  • $.60/mile outside Lucas County

Make a reservation

For more information and to make a reservation call a Reservation Specialist at 419.244.2674 ext. 134.