Swinging Girl

Coming May 11! 

Heart Disease. Cancer. Diabetes. Obesity. Dementia.

Discover the effects of these and other common diseases and ailments on the human body. Explore the inner workings of your anatomy. Learn how to adapt a healthier lifestyle for disease prevention.

BODY WORLDS Rx offers a unique chance to get up close and personal with the biology and physiology of your body. Whole-body plastinates, organs and translucent body slices illustrate the fragility, resilience and strength of the human body. 

Get these exciting BODY WORLDS Rx events on your calendar! 

  • June 19: Drink and Draw - 21 and over*
  • July 21: Health and Wellness Expo
  • July 26: Mind Games featuring Hypnotist Chuck King, as seen on The Tonight Show**
  • August 16 - 19: Crack the Code: Genetics Weekend
* Paid adult ticketed admission
** Afternoon show free with admission; evening show paid ticketed admission. 

Information on these events and more coming soon!