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Build Toledo

Engineering our Future 

Open until April 15
Visitors to Build Toledo, Imagination Station’s latest temporary exhibition, will become city planners, architects, engineers, bridge designers and community artists as they re-imagine the Glass City using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex, Big Blue Blocks, and other common objects and ordinary materials. 

Here are some of the activities!

  • How do skyscrapers reach such amazing heights? Discover the forces at work that keep skyscrapers from tumbling to the ground or able to withstand strong winds, and then build one using Big Blue Bricks.
  • What do you love about the Glass City? Think you can plan a better Toledo? Get to work on a new design using LEGO® bricks and then share it with the online community.  
  • Learn all about Toledo’s iconic and historic architecture – the buildings that are unique to our city – and then build your own extraordinary architecture using everyday materials and common objects.
  • Bridges are useful and often beautiful designs. Get the details on Toledo’s famous bridges and then try and span the distance between two points with your own design.
  • Community art beautifies the landscape and makes a city unique. From frogs to murals, Toledo’s community artists have used their creative juices to create a distinct look for the Glass City. Become a community artist and contribute to our own community mural.