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Dinosaurs Around The World: For Educators

Field Trip Group Rate: $6 per person

Take your students on a globe-trotting field trip adventure! Discover the amazing diversity of prehistoric monsters during the Age of the Dinosaurs from the fierce plains of Africa to the tropical beaches of Antarctica.

What they’ll learn...

Using advanced animatronics as well as authentic casts, a real fossil, cutting-edge research and immersive design elements, this engaging, interactive trip back in time to the Mesozoic Era will cover the following subjects:


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Field trips for the fall of 2017 are already coming in. Book your field trip to Imagination Station and add Dinosaurs Around the World to your visit!

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Educator Resources

Dinosaur Ed Guide

Before your field trip to Imagination Station, download the Dinosaurs Around the World Educator Guide and choose what level of engagement fits best with your students' needs and interests. 

The guide contains:

  • A brief overview of each continent gallery.
  • Essential questions to ask students while touring the exhibition.
  • Eleven lesson plans with hands-on activities, many of which can be completed at school or while visiting the exhibition.

Next Generation Science Standards
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were used to structure this guide. Dinosaurs Around the World and NGSS both embrace the concepts of 21st century skills and integration. Each activity in the guide is based on NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts. The NGSS outlines seven Cross Cutting Concepts present at all levels of science. Each of the concepts is clearly reflected within Dinosaurs Around the World. Download the Educator Guide to learn more.