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Dinosaurs, Dinos



Explore some of the world's oldest creatures by channeling your inner paleontologist and excavate real fossils, sculpt your own dinosaur bone and more! Learn more about the exhibition here.

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Hands-on Activities

Inside Dinosaurs Around the World check out the following hands-on activities:

Shale Fossil Tables
Become a real paleontologist and uncover fossils from local shale. Chip, chisel and brush away rock sediment to find your very own take-home fossils.

Dino Dig Pit
Use a fossil map to discover dinosaur fossils in the Dino Dig Pit. Use the wall of tools to dig through rubber pellets to find all of the dinosaur fossils. 

Sculpting Station
Put your creativity to the test and build your own bone replicas. Use the models as a guide to sculpt and form your own bones.

Fossil Imprints
Use the same technique many scientists use in the field, fossil rubbing. Create a 2-D imprint of fossils to see them from a new perspective.

Plan your visit around our dinosaur events!