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Gallery Wall

Latest exhibition: Gadgets, Gizmos and Gears: From Comic Book Page to Tech Reality

The works on exhibit shows how futuristic and innovative thinking has been essential to our survival.  In this changing world, a culture of innovation has helped us meet the challenges we have faced and allowed us to simplify, expand and revolutionize processes for our continued progression as a society. Innovative thinking can take us on the paths we have not yet explored and allow us to visualize the future. This body of work includes some iconic comics and ties them to some of our latest technology!.

Come in and see how pop culture has changed our technology!

Visitor Challenge: See how many familiar things you can find inside of Popnology. 

Gallery Wall

Located in Discovery Hall, just beyond the Visitor Service desk, the Gallery Wall is the latest extension of Imagination Station's learning environment. The wall celebrates the alliance between creativity and science and every four months we will replace the featured exhibit with a new installation.