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Digging Ohio

Latest Gallery Wall installation uncovers Ohio's fossils

You’ve heard of dinosaur fossils, but have you ever heard of one being found in Ohio? Nope. As popular as they are, dinosaur fossils have never been found in Ohio, and it’s not because they were Michigan fans! The latest Gallery Wall installation, Digging Ohio, highlights the most common fossils found in Ohio -- brachiopods, trilobites and crinoids. These marine animals loved floating around in the warm waters of the shallow seaway that once covered the region during the Devonian period. You can uncover their fossils just down the road at Fossil Park in Sylvania, Ohio. See info below.

Make sure to check out the wall next time you visit Imagination Station! 

Were Dinos Cannibals?

Fossil Display 2
Maybe. There is evidence to suggest that some dinosaurs preyed on those of the same species, but it isn't definitive. In fact, one of the most recent cannibal myth-busting discoveries involved an actual dinosaur fossil displayed on our Gallery Wall -- Coelophysis. 

Take a good look at the photo of our Coelophysis. See the tiny bones inside the rib cage? Those are smaller versions of Coelophysis fossils. Once upon a time, scientists hypothesized that those bones were evidence this species preyed upon its own. In fact, they even believed this theropod -- a species of dinosaurs which eventually evolved into birds and counts T.Rex among them -- preyed upon its own offspring. Gulp. 

But scientists being scientists, when other evidence suggested a different scenario they altered their view. The current position is that the Coelophysis did not cannibalize each other, and any smaller Coelophysis bones found inside the bigger fossils would have been there because the larger dinosaur was on top of the smaller, perhaps protecting it from a predator or weather-related event. 

Make sure to check out this cool part of the Gallery Wall! If you want to know more about Coelophysis and how it got its bum rap, check out this article at Live Science

Fossil Park

Excavate fossils right in our neighborhood!

Located in Sylvania, Ohio, Fossil Park has shale delivered to the site that comes from Hanson Aggregate Midwest’s large working quarries, located just a mile south of Fossil Park. Fossil Park is free and open to visitors from 7:30am - 90 minutes before sunset. Dig out more information about this cool Ohio treasure at the fossil park's website

Gallery Wall

Located in Discovery Hall, just beyond the Visitor Service desk, the Gallery Wall is the latest extension of Imagination Station's learning environment. The wall celebrates the alliance between creativity and science and every four months we will replace the featured exhibit with a new installation.