Swinging Girl


Gallery Wall

Latest exhibition: Plein Air

The works on exhibit here were made by art students from the University of Toledo. They were made on-site, at Imagination Station, as part of a class titled 2D Visual Perception: Plein Air Painting. Though a little different from the traditional plein air, which typically means "painting outside," the course maintains an emphasis on observation, urgency, and immediacy; which are key components of the plein air approach.

This body of work includes a mix of short studies and longer - more developed - works. The short studies were completed in a single session; approximately one-and-a-half to two hours. The longer paintings were completed over a period of three to four sessions; approximately six to eight hours.

Come in and see the beautiful art on display!

Visitor Challenge: See how many familiar landmarks outside and inside the building you can find replicated in the paintings. 

Gallery Wall

Located in Discovery Hall, just beyond the Visitor Service desk, the Gallery Wall is the latest extension of Imagination Station's learning environment. The wall celebrates the alliance between creativity and science and every four months we will replace the featured exhibit with a new installation.