Swinging Girl

Extreme Science Theater

Welcome to Extreme Science Theater! This space features daily interactive demonstrations that explore fundamental science concepts with an exciting, EXTREME twist. Make sure to check the schedule on the monitors throughout the building or at Visitor Service because these demonstrations vary in content daily.


Grades 3 – 10
Stand back for this explosive presentation. Learn what creates combustion and the importance of fire safety. You’ve never seen a demonstration like this!

Matter Mayhem

Grades 1 – 9
Explore solids, liquids and gases like never before! Using liquid nitrogen, this demonstration gives a comprehensive overview of the phase changes. See water freeze before your eyes, witness the explosive power of evaporation and discover how “cool” condensation can be.

Method to the Madness

Grades K – 8
Observe water defy gravity, be amazed by metal sparks and be awed by the incredible abilities of a liquid -320 degrees Fahrenheit. This demonstration will show the importance of good observation and following the scientific method.

Motion Mania

Grades 1 – 10
Newton’s Three Laws of Motion have never been more entertaining. Discover the fun as you learn about speed, momentum and acceleration.

Sounds of Science

Grades Pre K – 10 
Discover sound through some unconventional noisemakers. This demonstration makes cups squeak and rods scream. "See" sound as water jumps and lasers bounce – all in the name of science.