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KeyBank Discovery Theater April

KeyBank Discovery Theater

Opening 2020

The KeyBank Discovery Theater will be a premium, large-format venue that offers an immersive experience unlike any other that will entertain and delight audiences of all ages and for generations to come. 

The 8,200-square foot addition to the science center will redefine film engagement - attracting families, young adults, lifelong learners, school groups, travelers and businesses to downtown Toledo.

The state-of-the-art theater will feature a 4K, 58-foot-wide, large format screen with laser projection and superior sound quality. This technology will allow the science center to project nearly any kind of video and audio, including traditional and 3D films, presentations, live streaming and more. The facility will also feature space for the science center’s Science2GO! gift shop.

The theater is an investment of more than $10 million, with $1 million in state funding secured for the project. The remaining funds were raised through private sources, most notably from KeyBank, the marquee donor. No levy funds will be used for the theater.

We are excited to support the continued revitalization of downtown Toledo and provide residents and visitors a venue for experience science exploration, high-quality entertainment and community engagement.

Construction Information

As soon as the theater's announcement was made in December 2018, work on the KeyBank Discovery Theater began. Local architecture firm, The Collaborative designed the theater and Toledo-based Lathrop will lead the construction. Imagination Station is committed to using local partners wherever possible. 

Imagination Station will remain open and maintain regular business hours during construction. The main entrance will be adjusted slightly, but remain open to visitors. For easiest access to the science center, we recommend using the Vistula Parking Garage and using the underground tunnel to Imagination Station.

Construction is expected to take approximately 12 months, with the KeyBank Discovery Theater projected to make its debut in summer 2020.

A Unique Experience 

KeyBank Discovery Theater will be a premium, large-format venue, attracting families, young adults, lifelong learners, school groups, travelers and businesses to downtown Toledo for education and entertainment. This state-of-the-art facility redefines movie going as we know it with a broad spectrum of films covering topics not otherwise accessible for most viewers:

  • science and technology
  • adventure and exploration
  • nature and wildlife
  • geography and history
  • biographies and human achievement
  • arts and entertainment

The theater will have the ability to project video in nearly any format including large-screen format films, traditional and 3D films, television, presentations and video games, allowing for unlimited opportunities for programming.

Lifelong Learning

  • Guest lectures combined with immersive films
  • Live connections with the Space Center
  • Educational films from sources such as National Geographic and NASA
  • Live feed from major national and international events
  • Films about nature, science, adventure and more

Endless Entertainment

  • Video gaming tournaments
  • Movie marathons for popular film series
  • Feature movie nights for young adults
  • Seasonal family movie nights, showing holiday or themed films

Business and Community Engagement

  • Product launches
  • Staff events and trainings
  • Professional development events
  • Public meetings
  • TEDx conferences
  • Private events

Advancing Interests in STEM

Thanks to a gift from KeyBank, TPS 3rd graders will have more access to STEM education. This helps pique students’ interest into pursuing courses in science, technology, engineering and math because they want to, not because they have to. This gift will help provide students and their families with the following:

  • Free theater access during pre-planned school field trips and supplemental curriculum guides and activities
  • STEM- and reading-focused professional development for 3rd grade teachers
  • Science Festivals in TPS schools
  • Family Nights at the science center for families of 3rd graders

Imagination Station will remain open during construction!

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