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Hello Scientist!

We hope you enjoy your kit from Imagination Station. In this kit you’ll find ten different science experiments, fun books to read and other exciting materials.

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Happy exploring!

Imagination Station team

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Exploring these science activities is a great way for your child to develop science skills, creativity and problem-solving. There are a few strategies you can use when completing the activities with your child to make the experience even more meaningful.

  1. Let your child take the lead. There are so many moments throughout the day when kids are expected to listen and follow adult direction. As your child explores these activities, let them be the boss! Before you start on the activities, let them know that you are their assistance and happy to help if needed. Resist the urge to take materials from your child’s hands, instead encouraging them to work towards a solution if they are feeling challenged.
  2. Ask questions. Be sure to ask your child lots of questions and allow them the time to respond. As adults, we are often eager to provide the correct answer to our children, but you’ll find if you wait a bit your child will provide you with an answer on their own, as they have had some time to organize and formulate their thoughts.
  3. Read a story to introduce one of the activities. Use either the books provided in your kit or other books that you have at home or from the library. Read the book first, then as you complete the activity, bring up ideas from the book that relate to the activity. Making connections in this way encourages deep learning.
  4. Just have fun! The most important thing you can do with your child is simply spend quality time together. So put the phone down and just enjoy their company. You may only finish half an activity or your child may simply draw a picture on the construction paper…it doesn’t matter. Time together is what they will ultimately remember.