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Theater Open Today: 10:15 AM - 4:30 PM

Get Sauced on Science!

Every year we look forward to hosting our annual Celebrity Wait event. Although this year’s event looked a little different than usual we still had a blast putting it together and received a great response from our generous community!  We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Virtual Celebrity Wait event raised over $14,500!

This event provides programming funds that have strengthened our school programs, enhanced exhibits and continued our STEM-related experiences.

With our changing world, new virtual programming and curricula are being developed for delivery to homes and schools while continuing to support our in-person science experiences. While these experiences and programs are being reimagined, we will still provide the inspiration that sparks a passion for the sciences

From the entire Imagination Station team, THANK YOU to all who lent a helping hand and provided their support to make this event possible.

Special thanks to our waiters:
  • Julie and Mike Beazley
  • Kelli and Jason Daniels
  • Karen Fraker
  • Kurt Franck
  • Kelly and Mike Hart (our top tip go-getters)
  • Callie Jacoby,
  • Jen and Mike Koralewski
  • Ray Micham
  • Doug Miller
  • Shelly Orenstein
  • Kelli and Thomas Winston