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Pie Sarah & Carl for Sci

Our Extreme Scientist Sarah Gulch and Chief Scientist Carl Nelson are taking one for the team...literally! Make a donation below and if they raise enough money, they will take a Pie for Sci on April 29 at 9am on WTVG 13abc live!

Sarah Gulch
Sarah Gulch
Goal: $1000

"I want to raise money for Imagination Station and get Pied for Sci because informal education creates fun, hands-on and often unexpected learning experiences."

Sarah Gulch, Manager of STEM Education

Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson
Goal: $2000

"I want to raise money for Imagination Station and get Pied for Sci because we need to get kids excited about science at an early age."

 ~ Carl Nelson, Chief Scientist

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Here's how it works:

  1. Sarah and Carl have set a pre-determined 'bounty' that they would like to raise. If they raise $1000 Sarah will take a pie for sci and if they raise $2000 Sarah and Carl will take a pie for sci!

  2. You make a donation below so Imagination Station knows you would like to see them both be pied in the the face for science.

  3. If they successfully raise enough money and meet their goals, they will be pied in the face for science on Saturday, April 29 on Live TV!

  4. Check back often, encourage others to donate and share with your friends. It's all in the name of science education.

  5. Tune in to WGTE 13abc on Saturday, April 29 at 9am and watch the Pieing Ceremony.

    Can't watch it on TV? Follow Imagination Station's Facebook Page to see pictures and watch the official Pieing Ceremonies in action–LIVE.

Make a Donation

Online payments not your thing? You can still get into the action by sending a check made out to Imagination Station in the mail to the address below. Helpful tip: Denote who you want to see get pied on the memo line on your check. 

Imagination Station
Attn: Pie for Sci
1 Discovery Way
Toledo, OH 43604

Imagination Station is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are 100% tax deductible. All proceeds from Pie for Sci will be used to create memorable science education experiences for our community.

Check out who else is taking a Pi for Sci!

The following generous and courageous people have agreed to take a pie in the face for Imagination Station:

Carl Nelson
David Waterman
Doug Miller
Lori Hauser
Mike Koralewski
Mike Beazley
Sarah Gulch

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