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Going to the Marathon Classic?

Donate your ticket cost to Imagination Station until July 3!

When you purchase tickets to the Marathon Classic Golf Tournament, scheduled for July 17 - 23 at Highland Meadows Golf Club in Sylvania, you can make sure Imagination Station receives the total proceeds of your ticket cost!

Imagination Station, Toledo's nonprofit science center, has also been designated as one of the charities to receive a grant from the tournament proceeds, to help support our Adopt-A-School program. The tournament is a highly-anticipated stop on the LPGA tour and will feature a slew of top LPGA tournament players.  

How Easy is it to Donate?

At the point of purchase, spectators simply designate the proceeds of that sale go to Imagination Station. It’s that easy.  A tournament winning golf-swing? Not so much.

Ticket Info 

Weekly Grounds Ticket: $60, can be purchased online
Weekly Clubhouse Ticket: $120, can be purchased online

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The Science Behind Golf

Believe it or not, that tournament-winning golf swing Lydia Ko used to catapult her as the LPGA’s number-one ranked player in the world and winner of last year’s Marathon Classic Golf Tournament at Highland Meadows Golf Club in Sylvania has a lot to do with science, specifically physics.

What's up with those dimples on golf balls? Golf Ball

Did you know a smooth golf ball hit by a professional golfer would only travel half the distance as a dimpled golf ball? According to an article in Scientific American, those 300 to 500 dimples on a golf ball are the key to preventing drag on the airflow, by creating a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the ball's surface. If you want to read more about this phenomenon, the direct result of Bernoulli's Principle, check out this article. 

Gotta See it to Believe It?

Or even better, click on the link and check out this video of Chief Scientist Carl Nelson's demonstration of the Bernoulli Principle in action on this episode of Channel 13's Imagine It!