Swinging Girl
Callie Jacoby

Meet Executive  Board Member Callie Jacoby

Callie Jacoby is the Northwest Ohio Wealth Director for PNC Bank.  She has been with PNC and working in Toledo for the last 20 years.  She and her husband have two boys, ages 15 and 12.  They are both hands-on learners, have a love for science and, she said, living life with them has made the Imagination Station Board a natural fit for her.  

Ms. Jacoby said she continues to serve on the Imagination Station Board because of her belief in both  hands-on learning and the importance of STEM for youth. " I value that the learning is done in a way that teaches them to have fun while trying new things," she said, and added, "I also appreciate the desire for the learning center to continue to 'leave the building'and go out into the community to reach those that may not be coming to us through normal channels."  

Being involved in the many events Imagination Station hosts over the year is part of the fun of serving on the Board. Ms. Jacoby said she and her husband enjoy the Bash most of all. "It is one of my favorite Toledo events. I also look forward to the end of our board meetings to see what new and fun things we will be a part of -- pies in the face or science experiments, etc.," she said. 

"I have a passion for youth and many of my volunteer opportunities include influencing young people through education, faith and teaching them to give back to their communities," she added.  Her passion is also sparked by a good game of basketball: "My boys enjoy both school and travel basketball--my husband is a former Rocket basketball player so we all share that interest!"

Imagination Station's commitment to appealing to kids pre-K and older and keeping their interest by creating new opportunities to explore the learning environment outside of school is another reason she dedicates her time to serving on the Board and supporting the science center.  This involvement extends to PNC, particularly with the Grow Up Great program which supports pre-K learning through financial support and community volunteering. "We have enjoyed our partnership with Imagination Station in their active engagement with our Toledo Head Start schools in providing opportunities for engagement with science through reading, science activities and overall learning," she said.

Imagination Station is fortunate to have Ms. Jacoby serve on our Board and we look forward to her continued contribution in the coming years.