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Join the Mini Explorers Club!

The world is an amazing place, and the Mini Explorers Club invites our littlest explorers to learn all about it with their families! This new, FREE program for families of children ages 3 - 5 will meet once a month to create, explore and learn about the wonderful world all around them through fun, hands-on activities. 
A snack and free play will kick off every session! 

General Public
Time: 2 - 3:30pm
Snack and free play begins at 2pm
Where: KIDSPACE Science Studio
Cost: Free with admission to the science center

Partner Schools
Time: 4 - 5:30pm
Snack and free play begins at 4pm 
Where: KIDSPACE Science Studio


Next Mini Explorers Club

Tuesday, December 11
Topic: Snow 
All workshops take place in the KIDSPACE Science Studio. 

Practice the scientific method, explore instant “snow” that never melts, gather information about how ice melts through observations and measurements, test and design solutions to questions, and then use the information to answer old questions or ask new ones.

Upcoming Dates and Topics Littles

January 15 or 29, 2019: Dinosaurs
Explore and share ideas like a paleontologist, discover creatures that lived long ago, collaborate and communicate with other young scientists to uncover dinosaur fossils, explore dinosaur footprints, create fossils and examine dinosaur teeth.

February 12 or 26, 2019: Engineering
Investigate the houses engineered by the three little pigs, and work together to identify the problems with each design. Work with other Mini Explorer families to create a vertical maze and tower materials as high as you can.  

March 12 or 26, 2019: Animals
Identify colors and patterns in living things and share your observations. Pretend play your favorite animal poses and then match animals by their stripes, explore animal tracks, create colorful fish paintings and design a brand new textured and patterned animal.

April 9 or 30, 2019: Weather
Observe weather patterns using tools and record your observations through drawings and writing. Create fluffy clouds and then analyze the power of wind and how it makes things move.

May 14 or 21, 2019: Ramps
Explore the forces and motions that make things move by creating ramps. Investigate textured ramp surfaces and determine how far a car can jump. Design and construct unique ramps.

June 11 or 25, 2019: Flowers
Discover all the parts of flowers and what they need to grow. Use your senses to observe flowers and then use creativity to recreate that flower by drawing, coloring or creating something entirely new. Plant a seed to see how it grows, dissect a plant to uncover its parts and then plant a flower to delve deeper into the life cycle.

July 9 or 23, 2019: Bubbles
Explore patterns and properties of all kinds of bubbles. Collaborate with other Mini Explorer families on how to blow the best bubbles. Listen to others’ ideas and then share solutions as you explore giant bubbles and create a bubble wand.

August 6 or 13, 2019: Watermelons
Investigate watermelons and discover what makes them so delicious. Use that new information to answer old questions and come up with some new ones. Use all five senses to observe watermelons and then invent a device that will remove watermelon seeds.