Open Today: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Theater Open Today: 10:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Attention all aspiring wizards and daring humans -  
Prepare to immerse yourself in the extravaganza of Wizarding Week
September 26 - October 1

It's a week-long experience that is sure to ignite your curiosity about the science behind sorcery — leaving you to wonder, is it physics, biology, astronomy or chemistry? So grab your costumes and join us as we uncover the secrets of science.

Tinkering Space: Wandmaking
Don't get caught without your wand! Join the Tinkering Space and put your imagination to the test to build a wand that is set with all your favorite spells. 

  • September 26 through October 1 
  • Free with admission 

Extreme Science Stage: The Magic of Science Show

Think Tank Workshop: Owl Pellet Dissections
Get ready for a dissection that is sure to be a hoot. Digging through the feathers and bones of an owl pellet, you can unlock the mystery of an owl's prey. It's a discovery you definitely want to fly in for. 

  • Saturday, September 30, 2 pm | BUY TICKETS
  • Sunday, October 1, 2 pm | BUY TICKETS
  • $14 for members, $16 for non-members 

Wizarding Week ends with two spellbinding nights of fun

Imagination Station is committed to creating a place of belonging, acceptance and inclusivity. The science center does not endorse or support the controversial statements made by JK Rowling, Harry Potter’s author. We welcome everyone to be true to their authentic selves and recognize that it is through diverse viewpoints that advancements are made.  For many, Harry Potter has been a pathway to develop a love of reading and to discover the wonder of science.  Our mission, every day, is to ignite curiosity throughout our community to ensure science is for everyone.