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Explore Toledo Imagination Station Style!

The weather is turning, it's time to explore. There's plenty to discover outside of your door.

We have a challenge for families and friends. It's a special game we highly recommend.

So put on your thinking caps for a fun science quest, and search your city for a chance to be our guest!

Join us for Imagination Station's Treasure Trek, April 30 to May 15.

Here's how it works:

  • Use the photos to help you locate seven (7) treasure chests hidden around Toledo.
  • Inside each chest are science riddles and small goodies to take with you on your journey.
  • Make sure to keep track of each answer and once you've collected them all, send them to Imagination Station for a chance to win a free membership

Once you've answered all of the head-scratching questions on your journey, log your responses and send them to for a chance to win a FREE, one-year membership at Imagination Station!

The drawing will take place Monday, May 17. The winning participant will be notified via email.

*Only one entry per email address.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Please leave treasure chests where you find them to give other people a chance to play.

Need some help along the way?

Here are some helpful hints that will guide you on your quest.

Toledo Lucas County Public Library - Downtown Branch

West Toledo YMCA

Lourdes University

National Museum of the Great Lakes

Manhattan Marsh Metropark

Middlegrounds Metropark

Swan Creek Metropark