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Imagination Station, Toledo’s nonprofit Science Center, has been very busy the last seven years. We have hosted over 1.4 million visitors, served as Lucas County’s educational partner by providing educational programming both inside and outside of the classroom and hosted eight traveling exhibitions and completed many permanent upgrades. This could not have been achieved without you. Your support of our past levy efforts helped to make Imagination Station into the valuable resource it is today. In order to maintain important educational resources that are currently available to Lucas County residents, we rely on levy funds. This is why we have requested to have our levy renewal placed on the ballot this November and the Citizens Review Committee have shown their support and the Lucas County Commissioners have approved our request.

Here are the facts:

  • We are requesting a straight renewal of our existing five-year, property tax levy.

  • This levy is only $5.13 per $100,000 in residential value annually, or less than 2¢ per day.

  • Funds generated from the 2016 levy renewal will total approximately $1.15 million annually, which represents 27% of the science center’s annual budget.

  • Imagination Station’s levy renewal is the smallest on the 2016 Lucas County General Election Ballot.

  • The renewal of this levy will not be collected until 2018, after the initial levy expires in 2017.

  • Early passage of the renewal levy will allow for ample time to plan for capital projects, traveling exhibition experiences and long-term sponsorships.

  • Imagination Station has chosen to run its renewal campaign during the 2016 general election, because historically presidential elections yield the largest voter turnout.

  • The loss of levy funds would require us to cut back on our educational offerings—including our temporary exhibitions—or raise the cost of those offerings to a price that would be prohibitive to many of the families and schools in Lucas County who benefit from the science center’s programs the most.

Sign-up for a Lawn Sign and Volunteer

Show your support of Imagination Station, Toledo’s Science Center, by:

  • Requesting a Lawn Sign – Request to have a lawn sign to be delivered to your home or office.

  • Sign up to Volunteer – We have several different volunteer opportunities including, grassroots efforts, speaking engagements, yard sign distribution and administrative efforts.

  • Vote for Issue 21 – Every vote counts. Early voting begins on October 4 and Election Day is November 8, 2016.