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STEM on the Fridge -
A Week of Water

Enjoy a new activity every day with STEM on the Fridge! This week, enjoy a week of fun water activities! 
Download, print and put this on your fridge and start your day with a fun water lesson!  

Download these activities!


Float or Sink? 
Test to see if different items will float or sink in the bathtub or kitchen sink. Make a prediction before you test each item. If you have salt on hand, see if increasing the salinity of the water has any effect on how buoyant your items are.  


All About Boats!  
See if you can make a boat of out LEGO or other building pieces. Can you get your boat to float without tipping over? Can you add any passengers? 


Build a Bridge!  
If possible, go outside for this one and try to build a bridge across a stream or puddle from found materials. Indoors, you can fill the sink or bathtub and see if you can construct a path across out of plastic building blocks or other materials. 


Color Mixing!  
Fill three jars with water. Add food coloring so you have a jar of red water, yellow water and blue water. Grab other jars and mix the colors together in differing amounts. How many different colors can you create? 


Bubble Time!  
There are lots of awesome bubble recipes out there. Check out Imagination Station's favorite recipe on our website. Make your hand soapy to see if you can touch a bubble. Construct a cube out of K'Nex and see if you can create a square bubble. What different materials can you use to make your own bubble wand? 

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