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The Rooms of Illusion

The Rooms of Illusion

Imagination Station's latest temporary exhibit opens February 14

Included in science center admission.

Prepare to be amazed! The Rooms of Illusion features four individually-themed interactive rooms with optical illusions that will challenge your perceptions and allow you to see everyday surroundings in a whole new light!

Seeing isn't always believing!

Optical Illusion Room: The walls are crawling, the ceiling is spinning and the floor is floating...or are they? This wall-to-wall optical experience will make your head spin...even if the room isn't!

Reflection Room: Immerse yourself in a world of reflection and light! Strategically placed mirrors create an infinity effect that draw you in to take a closer look.

Light Room: The absorption and reflection of light has an effect on the colors we perceive. This room explores how our eyes interpret color under varying lights.

White Room: You will contribute to a kaleidoscope of color! The White Room is a community art piece inspired by Yayoi Kusama's The Obliteration Room. Leave your mark, then come back again and again to see this space transform right before your eyes!

The Rooms of Illusion is presented in partnership with COSI Columbus.

Even more illusions!

  • Beuchet Chair: Discover how a dismantled chair changes your height! It is a powerful and compelling illusion that is sure to delight!

Mark Your Calendars for These Events!

Robotics Weekend
March 7 – 8

Learn how robots are designed, built and programmed for specific tasks. Watch as local robotics groups demonstrate their machines, try your hand at robot soccer or robot sumo wrestling and experiment with coding mini robots.

Let it Glow!
March 21 – 25

Come to the dark side and explore the science of black light! Fluorescent materials can be found in nature and in man-made products and are used in many areas of science, forensics and medicine, but how do they work? What makes them react to UV light?

Don’t be left in the dark! Explore the visible light spectrum and discover why some objects react to ultraviolet light while others do not. Observe insects that glow under UV light, experiment with Black Light Slime and test Glow Spheres. Then get creative and make let it glow with your own highlighter art masterpiece!


Critter Camouflage and Natural Illusions
April 4 – 19

Optical illusions can be found throughout the natural world. Insects, amphibians, reptiles and mammals use camouflage to help them avoid being another animal’s lunch…or to help them catch their own! Even plants have variations in coloring and textures that help them survive. Humans throughout history have used these techniques to become better hunters and gatherers, and develop technology that helps our military remain unseen.

Learn how all sorts of living things have an amazing ability to hide in plain sight. Get up close to a variety of animals to observe their physical characteristics and discover how they use their unique colors and patterns to survive in the wild. Then, create your own camouflaged critter as you design an animal to blends in with our environment wall.