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Trivia Nights at H2O Cafe


Q: Where's the best place to test your knowledge and challenge other braniacs?

A: Imagination Station's H2O Cafe! 

Put your knowledge of famous fathers to the test at this family-friendly, fun night of trivia on the riverfront. 

Famous Dads Night

Sunday, June 9, 6pm
You might know that George Washington is known as the father of our country and Robert Reed played Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch, but how well do you know other famous dads?

Harry Potter 

Sunday, July 14, 6pm
If you know the name of the headmaster of Hogwarts when the Chamber of Secrets was opened for the first time, or the name of the Hufflepuff house ghost, this is the trivia night for you!


Sunday, August 11, 6pm
So no one told you life was gonna be this way...     If you liked Friends, you'll love our trivia night! Grab a few friends of your own and put your knowledge of the long-running TV sitcom to the test!


Where is H2O Cafe?

Walk down the steps in Festival Park between Imagination Station and ProMedica. Pass the robot and take a left when you get to the Maumee River. See the blue hut? You’re there! Reward yourself with a drink!

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Name that Tune!
Put your knowledge of music from the 50's to today to the test, or just hum along for Name that Tune night at Imagination Station's H2O Cafe.

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