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Little Scientists Workshop: My Five Senses

  • Dates: 26 – 26 Sep, 2019
Little Scientist Workshops
Fall 2019
Thursdays, 11:30 - 12:15pm

Join us for this series of programs that encourage families with young children to investigate the world around them. Your child will explore science through hands-on activities. These programs are a great way to spend time creating and exploring together!

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Upcoming Workshops in this Series:

My Five SensesSeptember 26
Every day you learn about your world using your five senses. In this workshop, we'll explore what each of our senses do. 

Eye SpyOctober 3
Come experiment with science tools that help us see things that are too small or too far away to detect with just our eyes alone. 

Noisy Boxes: October 10
Discover how sounds are made and how we hear them. Then make your own instrument to take home!

Me, Myself and YouOctober 17
Learn about the names and functions of parts of your body and the effect exercise has on your heart. 

Them Bones (NEW)October 24
Discover how your body is supported by your skeleton. Then explore how our lungs help us breathe. 

Delicious Digestion (NEW)October 31
Explore what happens to our food after we eat it by conducting some fun experiments! 

Sometimes and Anytime FoodNovember 7
Learn the difference between food that are good for your body and other food that should only be eaten sometimes. 

Glo Germs: November 14
Discover how to stay healthy by avoiding the spread of germs. 

Terrific Teeth (NEW): November 21
Smile wide as you learn all about those pearly white teeth and how to keep them healthy.