Swinging Girl

Summer of Speed: Start Your Engines!

  • Dates: 01 – 02 Jun, 2019
Zoom, blast and whoosh into Imagination Station to explore the science of speed! Investigate how race cars and rockets, planes and people, boats and baseballs overcome the forces of friction and gravity to move so fast.

Gear up for a fast summer as you explore the physics of speed as you design, build and race a wind-powered sail car. Get a close-up look at a race car, then construct your own using PVC pipe or LEGO blocks. How fast will your creations go?

Learn how the some of the fastest drivers in racing keep their race cars zooming around the track as you meet professionals from Michigan International Speedway.

Saturday, June 1: 12:30pm & 2pm (weather permitting)
Check out a sport that takes advantage of Toledo’s amazing waterways with demonstrations from Toledo Rowing Club on the Maumee River.