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Super Summer Scientists - NEW!

  • Dates: 12 Jun – 07 Aug, 2019

Little Scientist Workshops are a series of programs designed for children ages 3 - 6.  Your child will explore important kindergarten readiness concepts in Science, Math and Language Arts through hands-on experimentation.

Scientific Method: June 12
Little Scientists will learn about the process that scientists use to make discoveries. Then use their new knowledge to predict which objects will float and which will sink, and see what happens when different substances are mixed together.

My Five Senses: June 19
Discover how information gathered by sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing help scientists to learn more about the world. 

Making Observations: June 26
Super Scientists have excellent powers of observation. Your little one will put those skills to the test as they uncover facts about the weather, the power of magnets and a few mystery objects!

Measure Up: July 3
Explore the various ways scientists take measurements using lab measuring tools like pipettes and other nonstandard units like bottle caps. 

Shapes: July 10
Your child will use their observation skills to discover shapes are everywhere! They will learn the names of these shapes and then use them to create their own unique structure.

Pattern-palooza: July 17
Just like shapes, patterns appear throughout nature and man-made objects. Super Scientists will explore different types of patterns and design their own. 

Engineering: July 24
Engineers design many of the structures that make up our world. Your child will learn more about the work engineers do and become an engineer for a day as they complete an engineering challenge.

Crazy Colors: July 31
Super Scientists will discover how the primary colors of red, blue and yellow can be blended to make new colors - then be amazed how one special color can become many as they experiment with light and color.

Did You See That?: August 7
Your child will gain hands-on experience with science tools like telescopes, binoculars and magnifying glasses to explore things that are too far away, or too small to easily see with just our eyes alone. 

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