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Homeschool Workshop: Forces and Motion Series

  • Dates: 05 – 05 Feb, 2020

Forces and Motion Series

This monthly program, for students 7–12 years old, has a NEW look for the 2019-20 school year! Come ready to explore hands-on science and learn with other families.

Magnetism - December 4, 2019
Students will learn all about magnets and what they attract through hands-on exploration. Then students will learn about how magnets are used in real life applications.

Marble Machines - January 8, 2020
During this workshop, students will experiment with types of motion, potential and kinetic energy and forces such as gravity and friction, while working in teams to solve an engineering challenge. 

Balloon Cars - February 5, 2020
Using the engineering design process, students will experiment with air power, and Newton's Third Law to create a balloon car that travels the farthest.