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H2O: Take a Sip of Science

10am – 2pm 

Water is a crucial part of our lives yet we hardly take the time to think about the professionals who keep it safe. The City of Toledo Department of Public Utilities will be hosting H2O: Take a Sip of Science at Imagination Station. Guests will have the opportunity to meet water professionals and uncover the daily impact water has on our lives. The following departments will be delivering an activity showing how crucial each step is to keeping our thirst quenched:

  • Environmental Services 
  • Administration
  • Engineering 
  • Sewers 
  • Water Distribution
  • Water Reclamation
  • Environmental
  • Toledo Waterways Initiative 

While you're visiting, explore the science of water and weather in our learning world, Water Works. With dozens of hands on exhibits you'll leave with a new appreciation of that wonderful H2O molecule.

city of toledo public utilities

  Join the City of Toledo Department of Public Utilities at Imagination Station  
  in honor of National Drinking Water Week.

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