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Innovation Week

Innovation Week

May 7 - 12

The best inventions and innovations often leave people asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Innovation Week is a week celebrating original ideas, new creations and improvements to existing products.   

Learn about electronic components like resistors, transistors and inductors as you experiment with batteries, bulbs, buzzers, switches and more during this week devoted to exploring circuits.

Electrify your ingenuity as you tinker with circuit blocks, test objects for conductivity and have a hair-raising good time with static electricity. 

More Innovation Week Activities

Saturday - Sunday, May 11 – 12

Meet representatives from local robotics groups and learn how kids are making a splash in the world of robotics engineering and programming.

  • Bedford Express Team 1023, one of over 15 FIRST Robotics teams from Bedford High School will demonstrate its competition robot. Visitors will learn how students design, build and program a robot in just six weeks to complete specific tasks in the competition arena.
  • Sylvania STEM Center will bring their robotic experts to showcase their unique retro arcade cabinet. Guests can compete against one another by controlling a robot to score a goal on their robot soccer stage. 

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