Swinging Girl

Little Scientists Week

March 14 - 19

For kids 5 & younger!
Visit Imagination Station during this special week dedicated to our littlest learners, kindergarten age and younger. Your budding engineer will learn to construct bridges and towers with our jumbo LEGO® bricks, send balls rolling through tubes of their own creation as they explore cause and effect and discover more about wildlife as they build their own LEGO animals!

Tubes and Tunnels:
Challenge your little scientist with the ideas of cause and effect as they use tubes to build a creation all their own. Send a ball rolling down and around a tunnel to challenge and develop dexterity and coordination while having fun! 

LEGO Zoo Animals:
Let your little scientist imagination run wild as they build their favorite zoo animals out of large LEGO bricks. Building an elephant, giraffe, monkey or lion has never sounded so fun to your little scientist!

Jumbo LEGO bricks:
Little scientists can use our jumbo LEGO bricks to build structures where their only limit is their imagination.

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