Swinging Girl

Little Scientist Week

Space Out!

March 12 - 17

For kids 5 & younger!

Your budding scientist will explore the wonders of space during this special week dedicated to our littlest learners, kindergarten age and younger. 

With their eyes on the stars, your astronomer-in-training will explore how craters are made on the moon, and then create their own. Their natural engineering skills will be put to use by constructing a paper rocket, and then they will send it soaring into the sky with a stomp! Your little scientist will investigate air pressure and cloud formation as they create clouds in bottles. Gravity comes to life as your mini-Newtons investigate gravity with a gravity well.

Little Scientist Week activities are free with admission to the science center. For more information, please call 419.244.2674.

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Mini Explorers

  • Dates: 30 Apr – 14 May, 2019

Join the Mini Explorers Club!

The world is an amazing place, and the Mini Explorers Club invites our littlest explorers to learn all about it with their families! This new, FREE program for families of children ages 3 - 5 will meet once a month to create, explore and learn about the wonderful world all around them through fun, hands-on activities. 
A snack and free play will kick off every session! 

General Public
Time: 2 - 3:30pm
Snack and free play begins at 2pm
Where: KIDSPACE Science Studio
Cost: Free with admission to the science center

Partner Schools
Time: 4 - 5:30pm
Snack and free play begins at 4pm 
Where: KIDSPACE Science Studio


Next Mini Explorers Club

Tuesday, November 13 or November 27
Topic: Critters & Crawlers 
All workshops take place in the KIDSPACE Science Studio. 

You and your preschool scientist will get hands-on with red wiggler worms, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and painted lady butterflies, chrysalises and caterpillars. 

Upcoming Dates and Topics

December 11 ONLY: Snow

January 15 or 29, 2019: Dinosaurs

February 12 or 26, 2019: Engineering

March 12 or 26, 2019: Animals

April 9 or 30, 2019: Weather

May 14 or 21, 2019: Ramps

June 11 or 25, 2019: Flowers

July 9 or 23, 2019: Bubbles

August 6 or 13, 2019: Watermelons