Swinging Girl

Little Scientist Week

Space Out!

March 12 - 17

For kids 5 & younger!

Your budding scientist will explore the wonders of space during this special week dedicated to our littlest learners, kindergarten age and younger. 

With their eyes on the stars, your astronomer-in-training will explore how craters are made on the moon, and then create their own. Their natural engineering skills will be put to use by constructing a paper rocket, and then they will send it soaring into the sky with a stomp! Your little scientist will investigate air pressure and cloud formation as they create clouds in bottles. Gravity comes to life as your mini-Newtons investigate gravity with a gravity well.

Little Scientist Week activities are free with admission to the science center. For more information, please call 419.244.2674.

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Think Tank Workshop: Paper Roller Coasters

  • Dates: 01 – 29 Jun, 2019

June: Paper Roller Coasters

Fasten those seat belts! Aspiring civil engineers will get a thrill out of this workshop designed to encourage creativity, structural design and safety planning. Participants will learn more about kinetic and potential energy, friction and gravity as they plan and construct a roller coaster that will safely transport a marble from beginning to end.

Every Saturday in June at 2pm.