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National Chemistry Weekend

November 16 – 18

FREE with Admission

Chemistry is Out of this World!
This year, National Chemistry Weekend will explore chemistry of and in outer space. Learn how rocket fuel propels space ships through the atmosphere, discover the properties of air, explore the protective power of the ozone layer, compare the chemical differences between Earth and Mars and more. 

National Chemistry Weekend Activities

  • Is it a star or a planet? Solve the mystery! 
  • Create a comet with dry ice!
  • Build a comet. Explore how it moves through the universe! 
  • Construct a suit that will protect astronauts from harmful UV rays! 
  • Discover what happens to Marshmallow Man in a vacuum!
  • Experience the energy of rotation!
  • Investigate why stars twinkle and planets don't! 
  • Figure out the difference between refraction and reflection! 

National Chemistry Week is a community-based program of the American Chemical Society. This annual event unites ACS local sections, businesses, schools and individuals in communicating the importance of chemistry to our quality of life.

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Activities are provided by the American Chemical Society