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National Engineering Week

February 20  26


This year, to celebrate National Engineering Week, we will be featuring Dowel Construction! Guests will use two tools; dowel rods & rubber bands for this architecture project. Our team teaches you the best rubber banding techniques we know and your imagination does the rest.

Can you build a pyramid? A dome? A home? How about a tower or a tunnel? Starting a shape is easy but as you add more and more dowels the connections get more and more complex. Don't worry if your structure comes tumbling down because that just means there is more to build with! 

Open on President's Day!

Monday, February 20
10am - 5pm
Imagination Station will be OPEN on Presidents' Day. Not only will you get to enjoy National Engineering Week, the science center will also have the following events and workshops going on throughout the week:

LEGO® Brick Architecture: Sky High ScienceLEGO-Architecture-web-icon


Over half a million LEGO bricks, weighing 2,700 pounds and would stretch 11 miles long – this may be our biggest temporary exhibition yet!

Take a trip around the world! Travel from San Francisco to Shanghai, Dubai to Chicago and admire 13 large-scale skyscrapers that make each skyline unique. After being inspired by the towering creations, dive deep into bins full of LEGO Bricks and build your own masterpiece.

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