Swinging Girl
Nerdy Derby 2019 - v2

Nerdy Derby

Saturday - Sunday, June 29 - 30

On your mark, get set ... derby!

Feel the need for speed? Or are you a “slow and steady wins the race?” Either strategy can make you a winner at Imagination Station's three-day derby racing event!

Bring your best engineering skills and automotive prowess to create a car and race it down an impressive 40-foot track. Winners will have the honor of being the slowest or fastest of the bunch. Oh, and don’t worry about the supplies – we’ll provide them! The only rule: there are no rules!

In the Tinkering Space Nerdy Derby

It's not a proper derby without the proper headgear! Design and decorate your own derby hat using any of the materials in our Tinkering Space. The fancier the better!

While you're here:

Stop-Motion Animation

  • Dates: 01 May – 31 May, 2019
Learn how your eyes and brain work together to blend each individual frame of a stop-motion film to make the animation appear seamless. Develop your own storyboard and take your ideas from page to the pixel as you explore the technology of stop-motion animation.

Visitors can download their videos or get inspiration from other visitors by visiting our Flickr account. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your videos to be uploaded to the site.

View the stop-motion videos >>