Swinging Girl
Nerdy Derby

Nerdy Derby

April 3-5

On your mark, get set ... derby!

Feel the need for speed? Or are you a “slow and steady wins the race?” Either strategy can make you a winner at Imagination Station's three-day derby racing event!

Bring your best engineering skills and automotive prowess to create a car and race it down an impressive 40-foot track. Winners will have the honor of being the slowest or fastest of the bunch. Oh, and don’t worry about the supplies – we’ll provide them! The only rule: there are no rules!

While you're here:

Think Tank Workshop: Snow Slime

  • Dates: 04 – 25 Jan, 2020
Not crazy about bundling up to stomp around outside in wintry weather? Give our version of 'playing in the snow' a try! Work side by side with expert Slimeologists to create our favorite snow slimes. Learn chemistry basics while experimenting with polymers and crosslinkers to create Igloo Goo and Arctic Ooze. No mittens required!