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A Season of Making

The weather outside is frightful, but our science is so delightful. Engineer the perfect holiday with these festive workshops and making activities running November – January! Check out what we have planned during this holiday season!

Spectacular New Year’s Spectacles

December 26 – December 29
Design your very own New Year’s glasses and our team will cut it out on the laser cutter. Then use a variety of tools and decorations to add some pizzazz.

Sensational Seasonal Structures

January 1 – 6
Construct abstract designs using dowel rods and rubber bands. Add a little garland for festive maker flair.  

Check out these other "cool" activities:

Think Tank

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread Construction: 
Build the perfect, edible house out of your favorite holiday sweets. Use engineering and geometry to construct your very own gingerbread structure.

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Tinkering Space 

Think Tank Icon

Island of Misfit Toys:
Boing! Crank! Click! Ever wonder what makes your toys tick? Find out as we take apart popular toys to discover what they’re made of. Explore elements of circuitry, programming and design.



Temporary Exhibition: 
Land a Mars Rover; immerse yourself in nine different 3-D environments; test drive robotics and more as you trace the influence of pop culture on past, present and future technology! 

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Get in the holiday spirit and come out for these other events: