Swinging Girl
David Erik Nelson

Guest Tinkering Artist
David Erik Nelson

FREE with Admission
During the month of December, join our guest artist David Erik Nelson as he tinkers with instruments and sound inside the Tinkering Space. Join him as he demonstrates how to build instruments out of unconventional materials!

Join David Erik Nelson in the Tinkering on the following dates

  • Saturday, December 2
  • Saturday, December 9
  • Saturday, December 16
  • Saturday, December 30

About the Artist

David Erik Nelson is an award-winning science-fiction author and essayist. His low-fi, high-fun musical instrument projects have been featured in MAKE magazine, Performer, Guitar World, and are collected in Junkyard Jam Band: DIY Musical Instruments and Noisemakers. In addition to writing fiction about time travel, non-euclidean houses, and haunted dogs, he'll also tell you all about heritage hogs, cyborg cockroaches, meeting Miss America, and the inherent awesomeness of finding new ones to make the Good Noise. Find him online at davideriknelson.com

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