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Rewind to the 80's Week

March 26 - 31

Imagination Station is the place to be for spring break - NO DUH! March 26 - 31 pop culture and science will collide in one totally radical week!

Go on a most excellent adventure like Bill and Ted and travel back in time like Doc and Marty to celebrate the decade that delivered personal computing, the space shuttle and ectoplasm. 

Observe gears in action as you create a work of art on a Spirograph, and challenge your dexterity and your mind as you attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube – then pry it apart to see how it’s made! And back by popular demand - stretch and bend your way to victory in a giant game of Twister.

Sunday, March 31 pose for a photo with characters from the decade’s most recognizable sci-fi series, Star Wars.

This is Totally Awesome, Dude!

During Rewind to the 80’s, visitors born in the 1980’s or those who dress in the decade’s gnarliest styles can also visit Popnology for free.

So like, if you're sporting some neon shorts, rocking some teased out tresses or popping those stacked polo collars with some pegged acid-washed jeans - you get to visit the coolest temporary exhibit totally free.

We're stoked to see your radical style! 

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Free Gift with New Membership

An Imagination Station Membership is awesome on it's own, but when you visit and become a new Member during Rewind to the 80's Week, you'll receive the ultimate 80's fashion accessory - a totally awesome pair of color-changing sunglasses - FREE!

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Popnology VR

Popnology: From Sci-Fi to Wi-Fi

The most innovative breakthroughs in science often have surprising beginnings. Visitors temporary exhibit, Popnology: from Sci-Fi to Wi-Fi will step back in time to see how today’s technologies were inspired by the books, movies, and television shows of yesterday. 

This fusion of science fiction and science fact invites visitors to consider pop culture’s influence on how we will we work, play and communicate in the future.

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