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Upcycling Celebration

Upcycling Celebration

April 15 - 22

Learn how to care for the planet while turning trash into treasure!

Upcycling is the process of converting unwanted or discarded materials into something useful or beautiful for a new purpose. The process of upcycling helps reduce pollution, saves usable materials from the landfill and encourages craftsmanship.

Celebrate creativity and help do your part to reduce waste as you create a one-of-a-kind item from a variety of scrap materials!


The Upcycling Celebration is in partnership with an amazing volunteer, Amanda Metzger who will serve as an Artist-in-Residence. Her upcycled pieces will be on display at Imagination Station to inspire makers to create their own sculptures.


Karner Blue Butterfly

The Karner blue butterfly, an endangered species, is a small butterfly that lives in oak savannas and pine barren ecosystems from eastern Minnesota and eastward to the Atlantic seaboard. Today, it is found in portions of New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Minnesota.

Amanda Metzger, Monclova, Ohio

Notable Contributors: 
Cassandra Brown and Susan Bernard

April 2019 for Imagination Station's Upcycling Celebration

Upcycled Materials: 
wood scraps, PVC scraps, weed barrier landscaping fabric, plastic baby pool, foam packaging material, gallon milk jug, disposable food containers, plastic grocery sacks, corrugated tubes, metal frame from old window screen, plastic sticks, plastic lids, plastic bottle caps, plastic plates, egg cartons and more.
Upcycling Butterfly

Electronics Recycling

Bring your unwanted cell phones and tablets for recycling. When you recycle these small electronics, you will receive one free admission to Popnology: From Sci-Fi to Wi-Fi.


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