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New Virtual Programming!  

8 Sessions Running October - May
Ages 5-9: 10:30  11:30am
Ages 10-13: 1:30 -2:30pm

Come ready to explore hands-on science and learn with other families in a NEW way. Imagination Station is your resource to help bring science to life.  Our homeschool monthly program is created for students in grades K - 8. Each session will cover a variety of topics that will encourage exploration and discovery, with a little bit of messy science along the way.


October 7 - Earth Science

Ages: 5-9
Earth’s Resources 

Our home planet has a lot to offer so we must take care of it. Your child will learn about this planet through soil exploration and wind investigation.

Ages: 10 -13

From erosion to explosion, the earth is shaped by our constantly changing surfaces. Explore local land forms, build a paper mountain and erode away solid material to create glacial grooves. 

November 4 - Weather/Seasons 

Ages: 5-9
Weather / Seasons

Witness a cloud created right before your eyes, discover the most extreme weather this planet has to offer and create your own weather measuring instrument as you explore the fascinating and unpredictable world of weather.

Ages: 10 -13
Great Lakes and Weather 

What makes the Great Lakes so unique? In this workshop you’ll learn astounding characteristics of the lakes and weather and water patterns. It’s a great way to get a local look at a global topic. 

December 2 - Energy 

Ages: 5-9

Create your own musical instrument to give the sound around us that personal touch. Learn the science behind everyday noise and how our bodies interpret that noise. 

Ages: 10 -13

Explore the electrifying world of circuits as you learn about how energy is transferred through simple, series and parallel circuits. Then design your own light-up greeting card! 

January 6 - Scratch Coding 

Ages: 5-9

Animate your own creative story with the power of coding. Use your imagination and make it as wacky or as silly as you’d like. With Scratch coding there are no limits on the story you tell. 

Ages: 10 -13

Using the MIT created programming language, Scratch, your child will learn the basics of coding and  design and create their own video game. 

February 3 - Matter & Chemistry 

Ages: 5-9
States of Matter

Pop off rockets and see water change from a liquid to a solid right in front of your eyes. This workshop is both engaging and teaches your child about the different types of matter around them. 

Ages: 10 -13

From polymers to giant batches of foam, your child will learn the ins and outs of chemical reactions. 

March 3 - Ecosystems 

Ages: 5-9

All living organisms need a place to call home. What might be home for a cockroach wouldn’t be a good home for a human. In this workshop our extreme scientist will showcase some creepy, crawly critters and the habitats they need to survive

Ages: 10 -13
Owl Pellet Dissections 

No it’s not owl poop… it’s an owl pellet and what’s inside will uncover how different organisms interact with each other in the food web. 

April 7 - Life Science

Ages: 5-9

Why do children look like their parents? It’s all because of genetics! In this virtual workshop our extreme scientists will start off by extracting the DNA from a strawberry to show you the raw material that makes up  our individual characteristics.

Ages: 10 -13
Cow Eye Dissections 

Learn all about how our binocular vision works through experimentation. Then watch live as an Extreme Scientist dissects a cow eye for a more detailed look at the various pieces that make up our vision. 

May 5 - Body Systems

Ages: 5-9
Human Body Systems 

The human body has many different systems. Discover how they work as we explore the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems of the human body. 

Ages: 10 -13
Shark Dissections

Yes! A shark! Learn about this ferocious creature from the inside out. If you like shark week then you’re going to love this workshop. 

Workshop Pricing

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Cancellation Policy

Workshop cancellations are non-refundable; however, registrations are transferable. We reserve the right to cancel workshops if minimum registration numbers are not met, and refunds would be issued or applied to another workshop. We can give a pass, good for admission only, but the workshop is non-refundable.

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