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LS Fall Workshops

Little Scientist Fall Workshops

Workshop Series · September – December
Thursdays, 11:30am – 12:15pm
The Little Scientist Workshops are a series of nine programs that encourage families with young children to investigate the world around them. Your child will explore science through hands-on activities. 

Parent Tip:These programs are a great way to spend time creating and exploring together.

This fall, your little one will learn how to estimate measurements, what happens to plants as they grow and what the surface of the moon looks like!

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For kids ages 3 – 5
Imagination Station Members: $5 per workshop / $40 per series
Non-members*: $7 per workshop / $55 per series
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Fall Workshop Series

Thursdays, 11:30am - 12:15pm

Eye Spy • September 20
Students will learn about magnification and observation using magnifying glasses and binoculars. They will use them to observe things too tiny to see with our eyes.

Lunar Landing • 
September 27
The night sky is an incredible and interesting topic. Students will learn how craters are made, create a lunar landing and make their own space suits!

Tools and Measurement October 4
Instead of inches and feet, we will be using and exploring length with various units of non-standard measurement.

Growing Gloves •
 October 11
In this workshop, students will dissect, discover, sort and plant seeds. They will learn how plants change as they grow, and take a glove terrarium home to continue their observations.

Apples to Apples • October 18
Students will observe transformation and change by comparing apples to apples, from tasting to prints and even observing what occurs when heat is applied. They will end this workshop with an understanding in irreversible change as they eat their tasty applesauce experiment.

Pumpkin Estimation  October 25 
Estimation is a tricky concept. This workshop will have students estimating numbers with pumpkins, from seeds to ridges and more! Then they will get to decorate and take a mini pumpkin home.

Rotten Science • November 1
Students will dive into some gross science and ooey gooey explorations as they learn about the effects of decay. Be prepared for some rotten, stinky science! 

Glo Germs • November 8
Students will dig into slime and get their hands messy! Then clean up and observe their hands under an ultraviolet light to see their germs glow. This will help demonstrate why proper hand cleaning is important.  

Frozen Fruit November 15
From solids to liquids and liquids to solids, students will explore ice and think about ways to make it melt. Once their challenge is complete, they will end their workshop with a frozen fruit treat!

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