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Think Tank Workshops

Members: $6 per workshop
Non-members: $8 per workshop

If you are craving a deeper level of engagement you can sign-up for a workshop hosted inside the Think Tank. Think Tank Workshops allow you to use real tools, familiar materials and lots of freedom to explore your own ideas in a small-group experience, designed for kids and adults.

March and April Workshops

Egg Decorating Chemistry
Explore chemistry concepts as you fill your basket with a beautifully decorated eggs! You will use a variety of kitchen pantry items and natural ingredients to create artistic designs and dye egg shells. You can even personalize your eggs with our EggBot robot! 


Workshop Schedule

Saturday, March 21 - 2pm
Sunday, March 22 - 2pm
Monday, March 23 - 2pm
Tuesday, March 24 - 2pm
Wednesday, March 25 - 2pm
Thursday, March 26 - 2pm
Friday, March 27 - 2pm
Saturday, March 28 - 2pm
Sunday, March 29 - 2 pm

Monday, April 6 - 2pm
Tuesday, April 7 - 2pm
Wednesday, April 8 - 2pm
Thursday, April 9 - 2pm
Friday, April 10 - 2pm
Saturday, April 11 - 2pm

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