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Snow Slime

Think Tank Workshops

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Non-members: $8 per workshop

If you are craving a deeper level of engagement you can sign-up for a workshop hosted inside the Think Tank. Think Tank Workshops allow you to use real tools, familiar materials and lots of freedom to explore your own ideas in a small-group experience, designed for kids and adults. Think Tank Workshops are offered to the public on Saturday afternoons at 2pm.

December & January

Snow Slime

Not crazy about bundling up to stomp around outside in wintry weather? Give our version of 'playing in the snow' a try! Work side by side with expert Slimeologists to create our favorite snow slimes. Learn chemistry basics while experimenting with polymers and crosslinkers to create Igloo Goo, Arctic Ooze, Blizzard Bleck and Flurry Flubber. No mittens required!

December Workshop Schedule

Thursday, December 26  -  2pm

Friday, December 27  -  2pm

Saturday, December 28  -  2pm

Wednesday, January 1  -  2pm

Thursday, January 2  -  2pm

Friday, January 3  -  2pm

Saturday, January 4  -  2pm

Sunday, January 5  -  2pm

Saturday, January 11  -  2pm

Saturday, January 18  -  2pm

Saturday, January 25  -  2pm

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Snowmazing Science


November - January
Winter gives us plenty of reasons to explore our world, discover new things and learn some Snowmazing Science! Join us to share in all the merriment, magic and science of the season!

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