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Think. Create. Innovate.

Step inside a world of science, art, engineering and design where you will explore with familiar materials and construct your own understanding of the world around you.

In this learning world, you will experience interactive exhibits and up-to-date technologies. Make a car and race it down a track, create your own animated cartoon and design a structure that can withstand the force of an earthquake.

Light up your imagination in the most creative place in town – IDEA Lab.

Explore IDEA Lab

IDEA Lab is made up of three levels of experience - the permanent exhibit area, a tinkering space and the Think Tank. The mix of permanent features as well as rotating activities and workshops allows you to explore your favorite features and have a new experience each time you visit.

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IDEA Lab features eight hands-on exhibits that get your creative juices flowing!

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The tinkering space inside IDEA Lab features a new activity each month.

Rocket Boy

Craving a deeper level of engagement? Sign up for a Think Tank Workshop.