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Explore Imagination Station from your classroom!

Whether you're in a virtual or socially distant classroom, Imagination Station has options to help bring science to life! Our unique take on the traditional field trip will give your students access to the science center in a new way plus, a live demonstration with an extreme scientist.

We provide:
  • Virtual exhibit guide
  • 60 minute virtual program with an Extreme Scientist
  • Q&A session
  • One extension activity to reinforce the topic covered


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Choose from one of these GREAT topics:

Kindergarten - Weather

Your little scientists will tune in to see a cloud formed right before their eyes. Our Extreme Scientists will inspire them by using liquid nitrogen to demonstrate how exciting weather can be.

Grade 1 - Making Matter

Solids… liquids… gasses… plasmas! Matter makes up our entire universe. Understanding the different states of matter and how they change will give your students inspiration to pursue science even further.

Grade 2 - Forces and Motion

Forces are acting on all of us all the time. From gravity to friction our world would be very different if we didn’t understand these fundamental forces at play. Whether a student wants to be a rocket scientist or figure skater, it’s important to understand the science behind the way we move.

Grade 3 - Energy

From musicals to lightning strikes everything requires energy. This standard- driven demonstration will showcase just how fundamental and exciting energy can be to study. You’ll be surprised at how engaged your students can be in the topics of; heat, sound, and electricity.

Grade 4 - Fossils

Are your students fascinated by dinosaurs...who isn’t? Let them explore Imagination Station’s collection of fossils to inspire them to study the organisms of the past. T-rex bones to gigantic footprints. Your students won’t forget this demonstration.

Grade 5 - Forces and Motion

The world around us is full of motion, from gusts of winds to the blood moving through our bodies. In order for something to move, it requires force. Forces and motion are some of the most important things in our lives. Explore the relationships between forces, mass and speed and how each influences the way we move.