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Let Us Bring Hands-On Learning to You!

It's learning made easy! Imagination Station will come to you with all the materials needed for one hour of exciting hands-on learning. Chemistry, physics, earth and space science - you name it - we have a program that will engage all budding scientists!

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NEW! The Science of the Solar Eclipse
Build excitement with your students as we approach the total eclipse on April 8, 2024.
This workshop is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of how the sun, Earth and moon interact. From the phases of the moon to total solar eclipses, your amateur astronomers will discover how these interactions can be seen both daily and through once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Overall, this workshop will build excitement for the eclipse and provide the opportunity for students to learn about one of the most fascinating and awe-inspiring natural phenomena in the universe.

Chemistry - Grades 3-8
Chemistry has never been so interesting! Students will discover substances with strange and surprising properties. They will explore the differences between chemical and physical changes while experimenting with film canister rockets and endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Cow Eye Dissection - Grades 6-8
Take your students’ understanding of biology to a new level by exploring the eye of a cow! Through the technique of dissection, they’ll examine the wonders of the cow’s interior eye. Walk away with an understanding of the difference between the vitreous humor and aqueous humor…and a new perspective on how we see the world around us.

Engineering Together - Grades 2-8
During this workshop, students will work together as they confront an engineering challenge as they design and build, and where collaboration and communication is key! Using the engineering design process, your class will think like engineers and see the creative and dynamic side of this vital field.

Exciting Energy - Grades K-4
Explore the exciting world of energy as students discover what conducts and what insulates, how sounds are created, the difference between kinetic and potential energy and so much more!

Fossils Rock! - Grades K-5
Let your students travel back in time using scientific inquiry to discover the prehistoric world. During this workshop, students will become paleontologists and dig for fossils to learn how scientists study creatures that disappeared 65 million years ago.

Jitter Critters - Grades 3-8
Design a creature, then learn how to use a circuit to power a motor and get your creation moving. Your students will teach their critter to dance and doodle, slide and shake in a way that’s all their own as they learn about electronics, engineering and design.

Marble Machines - Grades K-12
Can you speed it up? Can you slow it down? Can you change its direction? Using everyday materials, students will engineer their own pathways for marbles and try to successfully meet our design parameters as they get hands-on with the engineering design process.

Owl Pellet Dissection - Grades Pre-K-8
Be a part of science research and have a hoot as your students learn about owls and their environments. This workshop gets hands-on with the food web. Identify bones and collect data to learn more about owls, their diet and their digestive system.

Weather - Grades Pre-K-3
Young meteorologists will learn about different types of weather through experimentation and demonstration–including seeing a cloud form in front of their eyes!

Your Five Senses - Grades Pre-K-1
The youngest scientists will discover how their senses can help them make observations and gather information about the world around them.

We provide:

    • Teacher curriculum guide
    • Pre-visit activity
    • Hands-on materials for 30 students
    • Post-visit extension activity
    • Content standards alignment for Ohio and Michigan

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To schedule a Workshop, call 419.244.2674 ext. 134.

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