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Virtual Science Class Video Library

Imagination Station has created a series of videos utilizing our unique exhibits and engaging teaching style to bring personality and excitement to everyday science principles. Each video is designed to perfectly align with Ohio science standards. These videos offer a new experience during your students' work from home routine and give them the virtual virtual opportunity to visit Imagination Station.

Grade K

Wondrous Weather

Introduce curious minds to the science that surrounds them every day: weather! Settle in and explore the changes in weather both day-to-day and throughout the year with Imagination Station's Extreme Scientists. From sun to rain to snow, the weather is always changing!

Grade K

The Science of Sound

Buzz…Ring…BANG! We all know that instruments make sound but what about other objects? Touching, blowing or tapping on something also makes noise; sound is everywhere! Listen along with Imagination Station's Extreme Scientists as they explore some of the unique objects around the science center and the sounds they make.

Grade 1

Wild World of Water

We drink it, we use it to travel and sometimes even for power.  Water is a vital resource in our world and can be found in unexpected places. Get ready to explore unique water sources with Imagination Station's Extreme Scientists and find out how this wet resource actually shapes our planet! Be sure to stick around for some extreme science demonstrations and watch water rapidly change states right before your eyes!

Grade 1

Move It with Motion

Forces aren’t just found in the Star Wars universe, they’re everywhere! Forces can set objects in motion; either from a push, like kicking a soccer ball, or a pull like the pull of a star on a planet. Understanding these concepts is critical for student development as they explore more complex science principles. If your students need a push in the right direction, have them pull up a chair and enjoy!

Grade 2

Fascinating Forces

Your students may be familiar with forces, but this video tackles how forces can change the direction or speed of an object. Maybe it’s a balloon or even a hovercraft, the same science still applies! Our Extreme Scientists will also introduce students to magnetisms, gravity and electricity; forces that don’t require direct contact.

Grade 2

Air, Air Everywhere

Get blown away without ever stepping outside! Using Imagination Station’s hurricane chamber, your students will learn the ways meteorologists measure the wind and how moving air affects wind speed. Students will also learn how to make their own anemometer so they can experiment and become meteorologists at home.

Grade 3

Exciting Energy

From cooking an egg to boiling away liquid nitrogen, energy is responsible for causing motion or changes to the objects around us. Energy can be transferred to many forms, including physical motion, solar, electricity and even magnetism. Imagination Station is filled with unique exhibits to teach all about energy. Join us, we can’t wait to learn something new!

Grade 3

Energetic Earth

Earth’s resources are vital to powering our world, through sources like natural gas, wind and solar. Come with us as we investigate the differences between renewable and non-renewable resources and the importance each has on our futures. After all, today’s students will be the ones making those critical decisions one day.

Grade 4

Fantastic Fossils

If there is one thing that has captured the imagination of kids for generations it’s dinosaurs! Imagination Station has a collection of fossils and exhibits that can introduce your students to the well known dinosaurs featured in cartoons and movies, as well as other important components of prehistoric ecosystems. Our Extreme Scientists even showcase some local fossils and imagine what our current home could have looked like long before humans.

Grade 4

Erosion, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Oh My!

At Imagination Station, we understand the importance of water. We see it working everyday from the banks of the mighty Maumee River. It’s just one example of easily accessible fresh water on Earth. But, did you know water can be stored in many, many different forms and cause drastic changes on Earth’s surface? Tune in to our Extreme Scientists and dive into the awesome power of water.

Grade 5

Mystifying Motion

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion are key to understanding everything from rocket launches to winning an air hockey match. Using exhibits unique to Imagination Station, we’ll explore motion and all the fascinating physics behind it to guarantee a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity.

Grade 5

Learning at Lightspeed

Light does so much more than illuminate the world around us. Light travels, creates and absorbs energy and interacts with different materials in many different ways. Send your students on an adventure with our Extreme Scientists while they shed a light on all the possibilities.

Grade 6-8

Density Intensity

Did you know the formation of our planet and making silly voices with helium have something in common? (Hint: it’s density) There’s no better way to uncover extreme examples of density and the effects it has on our world than with liquid nitrogen and other exotic gases. Imagination Station's Extreme Scientists will walk students through this exciting science lesson with experiments explosive enough to keep anyone engaged.

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