Imagination Station will be OPEN on Memorial Day
Monday, May 27 from 10-5 pm

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Membership Questions

Purchasing a Membership

How do I purchase a membership?
You can purchase a membership online, in person at Visitor Services, or by calling 419-244-2674 ext. 230.

How do I purchase a membership as a gift?
You can purchase a membership as a gift online, in person at Visitor Services, or by calling 419-244-2674 ext. 230.

How soon can I use my membership after purchasing it?
Your membership is active as soon as you purchase it. If you want to visit before you get your card, show your ID at the check-in desk to use your member benefits. 

How will I receive my membership card?
For memberships purchased for yourself, you will receive an email with a digital membership card to download to your smartphone. If we don’t have an email on file for you, we will print a card and send it in the mail. For memberships purchased as a gift, we will print the membership card and mail it to whichever address you indicated at the time of purchase - either gift recipient or gift giver.

Membership Benefits

How do the membership benefits work?
The free film passes and any guest passes will be tracked electronically in our computer system. We will ask you when you check in if you would like to use any of those benefits. For the free or discounted parking in our 3 affiliated garages, bring in the ticket that you had to take to get into the garage. We will put a sticker on it so you will receive your discount when you leave the garage.

How do my reciprocating membership benefits work with the other science centers?
Show your membership card (digital or physical) at the front desk of the museum you are visiting. You will receive free general admission but will not receive discounts on any extras - parking, movies, or special exhibits. Please call ahead to the museum you will be visiting to find out exactly how many people will receive free admission based on their policy and your membership level.

Please note - these reciprocating membership benefits are not valid at any museums within 90 miles of Imagination Station or within 90 miles of your house.

How do I know when members-only events are happening?
Imagination Station uses a variety of channels to ensure our members know when member events are happening. You will receive emails and postcards with information and we also advertise the events on our website and social media.


Membership Renewals

How do I know when to renew my membership?
When it’s time to renew your membership, Imagination Station will contact you to ensure you have enough time to renew.

How do I renew my membership?
You can renew your membership online, at Visitor Services in the science center, by calling 419-244-2674 ext. 250, or by mailing us back your renewal packet.

Can I upgrade my membership when I renew it?
Yes, memberships can be upgraded anytime. Pay the difference in price between your current membership and the new level of membership you would like online.

If I upgrade my membership when renewing, when can I start using those benefits?
Membership benefits are available the day they are purchased.